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Perfect Fit Room

Studio A

My Fit Room

You can expect bright lights, a warm welcome and energizing music to greet you as you walk through our door. Your workout space will include rubber floors, an assortment of heavy equipment and a fun atmosphere to get that perfect sweat. Need to grab a quick rinse after? No worries. We have a shower on-site for those days when the workout leaves ya soaked!

Studio B

MFR Wellness

This studio has a more intimate feel. Find yourself on the mat, rotating through various exercises in your own space. With vinyl plank floors, light weights, resistance bands and balance pods, this environment will surely challenge your strength. Treat yourself to a shopping experience post sweat in our retail boutique offering lots of health and wellness products.

Movement is Medicine

Our Purpose

We are two sisters who followed our intuition and opened My Fit Room in our hometown – Forest, Ontario. Adina completes our trio, adding a flair to our fitness team. Our focus is on community, connection and wellness. Our space is all about social, physical and mental well-being. We believe that movement is medicine and better health is our mission.

Certified Professionals

Meet Your Trainers

Morgan Hutton

Morgan is inspired to help others learn the importance of exercise and nutrition to make positive changes for a healthy future. As an active hard working entrepreneur along side her sister, her goal is to have the energy and drive to lead by example and to make her business thrive for this community. Morgan took the initiative to make health a priority in her life many years ago, and she wants you to do the same. When she’s not at the studio training she is spending time with her dog, friends, family and loves being outdoors or relaxing in her cozy home.

Trainer Morgan Hutton curling a black dumbell with text overlay
Trainer Morgan Hutton curling a black dumbell with text overlay
Trainer Brianne Roder standing in a lot with text overlay
Trainer Brianne Roder standing in a lot with text overlay

Brianne Roder

Brianne is dedicated to helping others lead a healthy and active lifestyle. As a mother to 3 busy kids, feeling good and having energy is an absolute must in accomplishing the daily tasks life brings all while operating a business. With a background in health, fitness was always an important part of her life. With determination and a business plan, My Fit Room was created alongside her sister Morgan and has been thriving for over 5 years. When she’s not training in the studio, she enjoys spending quality time with family, being outdoors and working on her own fitness.

Adina Potter

Adina is grateful to share the joy of movement with others. It is a gift to witness the positive outcomes that come to those who commit time and energy to their health and well being. Her fitness journey started with intense boxing workouts as a teen, and progressed into a love of strength training, yoga and much more. She is dedicated to training for all aspects of life— to move better, feel stronger, and have energy and vitality. She was introduced to My Fit Room after working in fitness for a few years and fell in love with the community vibes, encouragement, and support that she found inside the studio. Outside of the studio, Adina loves to be in nature; spending time hiking, kayaking, biking, as well as enjoying the company of friends and family.

Trainer Adina Potter brushing aside her hair in a lot with text overlay
Trainer Adina Potter brushing aside her hair in a lot with text overlay

All About Us

Frequently Asked

Is this a women’s only gym?

No, but the majority of classes are women. All are welcome!

What do you sell at MFR Wellness?

Health products, apparel, jewelry, essential oils and more

Is there public parking at your studios?

Parking is located behind both studio spaces or on King Street

Are you involved with local committees?

Yes, we are part of our downtown BIA. We also helped ignite Forest Collective, a committee focusing on revitalization of our town

Have Questions?

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Please email us at for further assistance.